Strong and Healthy Communities

Ward 5 deserves communities that are safe and accessible. With the approval of the Green Line, we will need to turn our focus to the Blue Line. We must also ensure that the recommendations of the Public Safety Taskforce are implemented and that there is engagement with all levels of government to support local organizations in combating urban violence.

The strength of our communities depends on the health of our small businesses. They are the backbone of our communities; not only do they create jobs, but they also add character and make our communities stronger. Strong and healthy communities will require us to provide more support for small businesses.

The recently announced Northeast Athletic Park at Saddle Ridge Industrial and Northeast Regional Fieldhouse Skyview Ranch/Cornerstone are two very important projects that I will work with all levels of government to secure funding and ensure their completion.

A SMART approach to future development and infrastructure

I have heard from many of you, especially those living in the Northeast communities, that we need better access to amenities. Therefore, we need to ensure that we have input into the development of future communities and infrastructure by working with private sector partners to build communities that serve our needs.

I have also heard from many concerned parents living in our Ward about the lack of schooling options. I will actively advocate for more schools and investment in our children. This will require active two-way communication with our provincial government partners.

I will engage with residents and communities to make our local roadway and sidewalk system safer for all residents but especially for seniors and children.

A FAIR DEAL for Ward 5

Ward 5 residents are investors in our city and must know how City tax dollars are spent. We must make sure that our residents are not overburdened by property taxes and that Ward 5 receives an equitable share of investment dollars. I will make sure that the quality of life for Ward 5 residents continues to improve.

Fight against systemic racism, discrimination and inequalities

We must work together to fight systemic racism, discrimination and inequalities. We need programs that are community lead and driven. The creation of safe communities involves a reduction in crime but also a trusting and respectful relationship between residents and police. We need to engage with the police commission to ensure that they understand the unique needs and challenges in our communities and that they are approached through an anti-racist lens.


The best way for me to do my job in serving you is to have open lines of communication. Your ideas and feedback are important to me!