Calgary 311
Get information and report issues related to transit, waste, roads, water, taxes and basically any service the City of Calgary provides.

Calgary Police Service
Learn about what the CPS can do for you, everything from reporting crimes and public safety problems to requesting a police background check.

Punjabi Community Health Services
Empowering and nourishing Calgary’s diverse South Asian community through safe, accessible, and culturally-informed counselling services, group programs, and outreach.

Diya – Women’s Connect
Offering mentorship for newcomers and women, involving them in activities, volunteering and building skills.

NAM Centre for Holistic Recovery
Holistically addressing the biological, psychological, social and spiritual facets of addiction, mental health and chronic pain.

Trellis Society
Offers programs for youth ages 12-24 including one-to-one case management for newcomers to find jobs and skills training, tutoring, partnerships with Saddletowne YMCA. 1000 Voices is also located at Genesis Centre where Ward 5 residents can book space to meet as organizations or offer programming at a reasonable price.

Genesis Centre
A central hub in Ward 5 that also includes the Saddletowne YMCA and library, offers everything from a place to hang out, indoor and outdoor courts for all types sports, summer camps, meeting spaces and so much more.


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